Available digitally and on limited edition vinyl

“Blurs the lines between brainy art rock and pure pop pleasures.” - Glide

"A cinematic musical vision immersed in contracts and conflicts, all floating in and out of its own meticulously crafted reality." - Vanyaland

Balanced at the intersection of the fearlessly avant and intimately familiar, the music of usLights is a study in contrasts. Together Matt Nastri and former HERRA TERRA members Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja and Shawn Pelkey craft dreamy, often cinematic music that fuses heady sonics to a firm foundation of pop songwriting.

The Debut LP From usLights
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usLights - New Feeling

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K E Y   T R A C K S

wæs LP



Tour Dates

"veiling lights" live at converse rubber tracks

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